The earliest documentation I have of her is from her marriage certificate.  She and my great-grandfather, Pavol Piszkura (known in America as Paul Piskura)
were married on October 16, 1905 in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, at St. John's Roman Catholic Church.

The record has her name as
Annie Kitzko, age 18, a resident of Bridgeport, and the fields for her parents' names were left blank, though it says they were
born in Austria.

("Austria", however, refers to Austria-Hungary, the empire that swallowed up large portions of Eastern Europe between 1869 and 1918.  I know for a fact
that Paul was ethnically Slovak and that the land he was born in is now restored to its rightful identity as Slovakia.  So it is most likely that Anna was Slovak
as well.)

Anna lived in Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut from her marriage in 1905 until her death in 1944.  They lived on Long Meadow Hill Road until 1922, at
which point they moved to Obtuse Hill Road.  She and Paul had eight children:

Veronica Piskura, 1906-1996; married Andrew Tomascak, last residence Brookfield, Connecticut.
Anthony Piskura, 1909-1966; married Sophie Komarowski, last residence Danbury, Connecticut.
Margaret Piskura, 1911-2001; married Peter Feli, last residence Newtown, Connecticut.
Victor Piskura, 1914-1968; married Clara Pettit, last residence Danbury, Connecticut.
Louis Piskura, 1916-1998; married Veronica Tencza, last residence New Milford, Connecticut.
Clara Piskura, 1918-1959; married John Ottoshavett, last residence Danbury, Connecticut.
Katherine Piskura, 1921-1958; married Joseph Gabriele, last residence Danbury, Connecticut.
Paul Piskura

Unfortunately, my grandmother, Katherine, has no birth certificate.  (Her birth was never reported to the town hall in Brookfield, which was very common
for a rural area in that time period.)  But when she married my grandfather, she reported on her marriage certificate (1947) that her mother's name was
Anna Kisko.

Anna died November 10, 1944 in Brookfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.  On her death record, for which her husband provided the information, it says her
name was
Anna Kisko Piskura, and that she was born in 1885 (date unknown) in Austria.

Anna was buried in the family plot at St. Francis Cemetery in New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut.  Her gravestone reads
Anna M. Piskura, 1885-1944.

On Paul's death record, for which his daughter Veronica provided the information, it says he was the widower of
Anna Kisco.

On my grandmother Katherine's death record, for which her sister Clara provided the information, it says she was the daughter of
Anna Kispo, born in

I found a
Frank Kisco who lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  The combination of the name Kisco and the city of Bridgeport makes me think he could be
Anna's brother, but I have no information that would definitively link them.  Here's what I know about him:

Frank Kisco was born October 15, 1873 in "Czechoslovakia" (other sources say 1875 in "Austria.")  His wife's name was Mary Mager, and she was
born about 1875 in "Czechoslovakia."  They had the following children:

Charles Kisco, 1896-1985; married Eva Taylor, last residence Los Angeles, California.  He was a professional musician.
Frank Kisco, 1898-1984; married Mae, last residence Stratford, Connecticut.
Joseph Kisco, 1899-1955; married Anna Drandyek, last residence Albany, New York.
Louis Kisco, 1900-1973; married Mary Adzima, last residence Miami, Florida.
Helen Kisco, 1904-1989; married John Kolesar, last residence Easton, Connecticut.
Frances Kisco, 1908-1998; married Joseph Ryan, last residence Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Wilma Kisco, 1911-1985; married Francis Findorak, last residence Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Frank Kisco died October 13, 1952 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and his wife Mary Mager Kisco died January 13, 1960 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

If you are a member of this family, and you have any clues that might link Frank Kisco to Anna Piskura, please write to me!


Anyone with any information on Anna's parents and/or siblings, I would love to hear from you!  Please send to julie at gabrielefamilytree dot com
Paul and Anna (Kisko) Piskura, in about 1907.
Anna (Kisko) Piskura, in the early 1940's.

I have almost no information on the family of my great-grandmother,
Anna Kisko Piskura.  I'm not even sure of the spelling of "Kisko."

I don't know the names of her parents, and I don't know if she had any

I'm looking for any clues that might be out there.  Here's the
information that I have on Anna herself...
the Kisko family
Possible Sibling?